Hivi.Ndivyo Tulivyo, 2015

Installation for Impose/Expose, in central Dar es salaam (eight interventions by eight artists).

From the brochure: Both the material, mirunda (mangrove poles), and the colours of this structure are hardly ever found in the built environment of the city centre. But they can be found in the working class areas of Dar es salaam, within the outskirts of the city, and in small towns. They denote the poor. & instead of celebrating our being and the particular, they have been banished from the city centre.

We are moving forward - hence the thrusting form-with radiance and jubilation. The chevron pattern is found in rock paintings in South America, Asia, Europe and of course, Africa: We are also citizens of the world.

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Hivi (1)
Hivi (2)
Hivi (3)
Hivi (4)
Hivi (5)
Hivi (6)